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Past events held by the Advanced Programming Specialist Group are listed below. Please select a year from the below list to view events for the particular year.

Events held in 2019

Date & LocationTitleMaterials
14 November 2019, LondonUse of R Language for Decision Making Systems: What is R? Why R? Why not R? [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Panopto (Video and Presentation Slides)
10 October 2019, LondonThe Go Programming Language: Principles and Practice [Read More]Not available yet
16 May 2019, LondonA treasure trove of nature: the advances and challenges of digitising natural history specimens [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
11 April 2019, LondonKey challenges for developing perception algorithms for self-driving vehicles [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
14 March 2019, LondonA Performance Analysis of a Simple Trading System over Compilers & O/Ses and Mitigations for Spectre & Meltdown [Read More]Presentation (PDF)
14 Feb 2019, LondonHow Graph Technology is Changing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
10 Jan 2019, LondonProject Hubble - Internet Telescope (or How to Use Open Source Tools for Network Performance Measurements) [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
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Presentation (PDF)