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Past events held by the Advanced Programming Specialist Group are listed below. Please select a year from the below list to view events for the particular year.

Events held in 2010

Date & LocationTitleMaterials
9 Dec 2010, LondonEclipse: State of the Art IDE Presentation (PDF)
11 Nov 2010, LondonModern Garbage Collection Presentation (PDF)
7 Oct 2010, LondonTransactional Memory: The First 500 Pages Presentation (PDF)
06 May 2010, LondonParallel Programming in Fortran with Coarrays Presentation (PDF)
8 Apr 2010, LondonAn Introduction to Groovy, the Symbiotic Partner of Java Presentation (PDF)
4 Mar 2010, LondonFrom RPC to Web Applications: Trends in Client-Server Systems Presentation (PDF)
4 Feb 2010, LondonChallenge of Distributed Systems: Towards Emergent Middleware Presentation (PDF)
14 Jan 2010, LondonJoint Meeting with the Computer Conservation Society Not Available