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Past events held by the Advanced Programming Specialist Group are listed below. Please select a year from the below list to view events for the particular year.

Events held in 2018

Date & LocationTitleMaterials
13 Dec 2018, LondonImproving Software Project Certainty? [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
30 Nov 2018, LondonThe Smart Home, a history and a future: Why you can’t program for the home? [Read More]Video with presentation
11 Oct 2018, LondonOn the JVM [Read More]Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
13 June 2018, LondonAdvances in Software Practice - Reflections & Lessons from the Last Thirty Years [Read More]Presentation (PDF)
10 May 2018, LondonWhere is the Oracle? Testing GPU Compilers Using Metamorphic Testing [Read More]Not Available
12 Apr 2018, LondonThe COSMIC method of software sizing and its uses in managing and estimating software activities
[Read More]
Video (YouTube Link)
Presentation (PDF)
08 Mar 2018, LondonHigh-Performance Computing for everyone - on finding a sweet spot between Productivity and Performance and Portability [Read More]Not Available
08 Feb 2018, LondonEnduring Differentiation [Read More]Not Available
11 Jan 2018, LondonData Visualisation Is Not Data Science! Or Is It? - A Debate [Read More]Not Available