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Past events held by the Advanced Programming Specialist Group are listed below. Please select a year from the below list to view events for the particular year.

Events held in 2008

Date & LocationTitleMaterials
11 Dec 2008, LondonCoordination Languages: Fundamentals and Recent Trends Presentation (PDF)
4 Nov 2008, LondonA potential crisis in the teaching of computer programming? Not Available
6 Oct 2008, London49th Annual Dinner Not Available
8 May 2008, LondonAdding a Module System to Java Presentation (PDF)
10 Apr 2008, LondonOpen Source in the 21st Century: Ready for the Enterprise Not Available
13 Mar 2008, LondonTen Years of Ownership Types Presentation (PDF)
14 Feb 2008, LondonWhat Auditors Want: Development Stories From An IT Auditor Presentation (PDF)
10 Jan 2008, LondonMulti-core Programming with Automatic Parallelisation Presentation (PDF)