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Use of R Language for Decision Making Systems: What is R? Why R? Why not R?

Date & Time : Thursday 14 November 2019, 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue : BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Ground Floor 25 Copthall Avenue London England EC2R 7BP (View on Google Maps)
Booking Link : View Link
Speaker : Prof Algirdas Pakštas


This talk will explore the origin and usage of the R programming language which is an important tool for development of the complex components of the Decision Support Systems with functions such as the numeric analysis and machine learning. According to the experts "R is the most popular language used in the field of statistics". It is free, open source, powerful and highly extensible environment which contains a lot of pre-packaged stuff. The R programmable environment uses command-line scripting which allows to design, store and re-use a series of complex data-analysis in steps, which in turn makes it easier for others to validate research results and check for errors. According to Tiobe's year-end ratings of language searches there was a noted increase in R language search popularity in 2014 and for comparison Java, PHP, and C++ remain highly popular but are dropping. And why not R? It can be daunting because R syntax is different from that of many other languages. Brief comparison of Pros/Cons of using R and Python for Decision Support Systems is presented. Aspects affecting the performance of complex computing systems and its possible technical limits are touched.

About the Speaker

Experienced IT professional and researcher in wide range of topics related to the broad area of [Applied] Computing/Computer Science (Research Automation Techniques, Systems Programming, Data Acquisition and Embedded Systems, CAMAC, DEC PDP-11/LSI-11 systems, CAD/CAM, Software Development, Formal Grammars, Programming Language Compilers and their Development, Distributed Computing Systems, Computer Networks, OSI Protocols, Communications Software Engineering, Network Simulation methods and tools, Modelling, Formal Ontologies, Decision Support Systems, Cyber Security/Wireless LAN Security).

Experience of Programming: ALGOL/ASSEMBLER-360 linkage, RSX-11M/OMSI PASCAL/MACRO-11, BASIC, FORTRAN, Borland Turbo Pascal/Delphi Pascal, LaTeX/BibTeX/HTML, oTcl, Python, R.

Experience of tools: OPNET/Unix, CACI COMNET III, Network Simulator NS-2/NAM.

About 180 publications, presentations and research reports.

Experienced HE/University Lecturer/Tutor from 1984.

Overview of Agenda:

  • 6.00pm - Tea, coffee, juice & biscuits (Please sign in at ground floor security desk when you arrive)
  • 6.30pm - Talk
  • 7.30pm - Networking, including food and wine
  • 9.30pm - Close

After the event please leave your comment on Twitter of your experience: @bcs_apsg

Will catering be provided?

We will be providing Sushi & Oriental Platters, with tea, coffee, water, wine, and juice.

Notes :

Closing date for bookings is Thursday 14 November 2019 at 8:30am. We will take no more bookings after this date.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.