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Past events held by the Advanced Programming Specialist Group are listed below. Please select a year from the below list to view events for the particular year.

Events held in 2009

Date & LocationTitleMaterials
10 Dec 2009, LondonArchitecture-based Systems Management Presentation (PDF)
12 Nov 2009, LondonScripting in an Enterprise Application Environment Presentation (PDF)
8 Oct 2009, LondonService-Oriented Architecture Presentation (PDF)
30 Sep 2009, London50th Anniversary Dinner Not Available
27 May 2009, LondonAn Introduction to F# Presentation (PDF)
23 Apr 2009, LondonProgramming the BBC: The impact of computers on the BBC Not Available
12 Mar 2009, LondonBringing Programming Languages Up to Date Presentation (PDF)
12 Feb 2009, LondonThe Ursala System for Scientific Computation Presentation (PDF)
8 Jan 2009, LondonOn the Stability Assessment of Aspect-Oriented Architectures Presentation (PDF)