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Intelligent Authentication Journeys - Designing Smart, Flexible and User-Friendly Logon Experiences

Date & Time : Thursday 09 January 2020, 6.00pm - 9.30pm
Venue : BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Ground Floor 25 Copthall Avenue London England EC2R 7BP (View on Google Maps)
Speakers : David Luna and Andy Hall


The world of digital authentication is rapidly changing. From the old static username/password text fields to multi-factor device flows and adaptive risk analysis a lot goes on when a user logs into an online service. ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication approach is designed to give users the flexibility they need to help deliver improved security while ensuring strong customer engagement.

In this talk we will look at some of the challenges faced when designing a modern authentication framework, how we ensured that we delivered for developers, administrators and end-users alike, and some of the features of modern intelligent authentication including: flow branching, continuous authentication, risk analysis, metrics and MFA. We’ll also look at how authentication doesn’t end when a user is granted a session token - with transactional authorisations and zero-trust architectures.

About the Speakers

David Luna - Software Engineer

David Luna has been a software engineer at ForgeRock for the past 6 years. With specific interests around privacy and trust, he’s worked on many of the modern authentication mechanisms supported in ForgeRock’s Access Management (AM).

Andy Hall - Director of Product Management

Andy has held several senior Product Management roles in companies ranging from startups to major multinationals including Sun Microsystems and Oracle, working on a range of technologies from Operating Systems, Virtualization, Networking protocols to latterly Digital Identity. His modus operandi is consistent, however: the adoption of cool new technology in order to deliver real business benefits.

Overview of Agenda:

  • 6.00pm - Tea, coffee, juice & biscuits (Please sign in at ground floor security desk when you arrive)
  • 6.30pm - Talk
  • 7.30pm - Networking, including food and wine
  • 9.30pm - Close

After the event please leave your comment on Twitter of your experience: @bcs_apsg

Will catering be provided?

We will be providing Sushi & Oriental Platters, with tea, coffee, water, wine, and juice.